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Environmental and Energy Policy

The company Bifrangi S.p.A. deals with the production of hubs, gears and other parts for the automotive industry, obtained by hot stamping, heat treatments, shot blasting, mechanical processing and painting on steels.

The General Management of Bifrangi S.p.A. considers environmental protection and energy efficiency primary commitments to be maintained.

To this end, Bifrangi spa adopts its own policies and strategies by operating in close synergy with Environmental Organizations, Local Authorities, Consortia, Suppliers, Customers, interested parties (Stakeholders) and its employees.

Bifrangi spa is committed to ensuring the prevention of pollution, seeking the continuous improvement of its environmental and energy performance, in the most scrupulous respect of the obligations imposed by environmental legislation and other requirements signed by the organization.

To give substance to these intentions, Bifrangi S.p.A. undertakes to continuously apply and improve an Environmental and Energy Management System, which favors the pursuit of objectives and strategic guidelines through the following activities:

1) act responsibly, in compliance with environmental and energy legislation;

2) respect and apply the requirements of the UNI EN ISO 14001: 2015 and UNI CEI EN ISO 50001: 2018 standards;

3) evaluate company processes and activities; consequently set and pursue innovation and improvement objectives in terms of the environment and energy performance;

4) further analyze environmental factors; noise, atmospheric emissions and water discharge generated by its molding, heat treatment, sandblasting, machining, painting processes;

5) improve environmental impacts due to: atmospheric emissions, soil contamination, subsoil, groundwater, noise production, generation of electromagnetic fields, internal traffic. Optimize water consumption and waste management;

6) promote the efficiency and saving of energy resources;

7) apply the logic of risk-based thinking and of the life cycle perspective in the management of processes;

8) reduce the production of waste and increase the recycling and recovery of by-products;

9) further mitigate and, where possible, eliminate the risks generated by the activities;

10) ensure the correct application of the technologies used, and, where possible, pursue the improvement of these technologies or the adoption of more advanced technologies from the point of view of the environment and energy;

11) support the purchase of energy efficient products and services that can have an impact on energy performance;

12) support the design activities that consider the improvement of energy performance;

13) ensure that all staff receive adequate training, awareness and competence on the requirements of the environmental and energy management system, understand the implications regarding their role in the company and their behavior in the workplace;

14) select and promote the development of suppliers and contractors according to environmental principles, committing them to maintain behaviors consistent with it;

15) carry out checks, inspections and audits to identify and prevent any situations of non-compliance with the requirements of the environment and energy management system;

16) develop and develop safety plans containing measures and procedures necessary to prevent accidental or emergency situations and to contain their effects;

17) periodically review the policy and application of the environmental and energy system to assess its correctness and effectiveness, with a view to continuous improvement;

18) define objectives and goals for improvement and implement the related programs, including through the assignment of responsibilities and the training of all personnel involved;

19) guarantee the availability of the information and resources necessary to achieve objectives and targets;

20) to encourage meetings and guided tours of the plants, aimed mainly at students of different school cycles, in order to encourage the public to get to know the company and its activities, with a view to positive collaboration with interested parties;

21) improve the image and reputation on the market;

This policy is communicated to all employees of the organization, its suppliers, its customers and interested parties.

Mussolente, 02 February 2021
Francesco Biasion
Bifrangi S.p.A. President

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